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The mission of Chempak International and KL ChemPak is to provide quality, first class service tailor made to our customer's needs. We utilize our 30 year service experience to reduce risk negatively impacting the health and safety of our employees, community and the environment. To achieve this objective, we concentrate all of our resources and professional experience on getting the job done right. We work closely with your Customer Service Department providing timely and detailed information on those things that are important to you.
  • Product Inventory Levels and Stock Commitments
  • Your Customer's Codes and Special Handling Needs
  • Container Types and Specifications
  • C of A, MSDS Certified Weights and Export Papers
  • Preferred Shippers and Routing
  • Pre-Shipment Quality Reports & Laboratory Checks
  • Shipping Schedules and Truck Dispatching
  • Chempak International, Inc., a family owned and operated business, began operations in 1989, in Houston, Texas. Our senior management team has worked in the chemical industry for over 50 years. This experience, commitment to quality and industry know-how runs throughout the organization and is seen at all levels of company activity. It is our hope that when you are evaluating toll processing, chemical packaging, product distribution, warehousing, transportation, bulk and rail terminal service, you will consider ChemPak and KL ChemPak.

    We have talented multi-disciplined teams working with individual customers. It takes in-depth technical expertise to help customers obtain the performance they need for their particular custom service. Our focus is the success of our customers. We need to provide them with high quality custom service at a good price. These operations should meet high health, safety and environmental standards. Our employees deserve to work in an attractive workplace, in safe and healthy conditions. We aim to hire the best people for the job and to encourage them to develop personally and professionally. We are committed to social responsibility and sustainable development. So we observe the laws of the states in which we operate, support fundamental human rights and have demanding health, safety and environmental standards.

    ChemPak cares for the environment. We safely operate to not pollute the environment. ChemPak cares about quality and environmental concerns, therefore, it proactively engages in a wide range of programs to protect the environment and maintain consistent high quality.

    Business principles are based on our values. Wherever we operate, we aim for the highest standards of performance and behavior in everything we do. We are committed to creating long-term value for our customers, employees and society. We need to make sustainable profits if our business is to thrive. We insist on integrity and fairness in business dealings.

    Innovation sits at the heart of our activities. When we are developing a new operating service, we are focused on making life better and easier for our customers.

    At ChemPak, quality is considered a long-term process of customer centered service and safe, efficient product handling.

    ChemPak operations are uniquely structured toward one common goal…to accommodate
    the special requirements of each individual customer, large or small.

    Flaking and Pastilling

    From our 5 strategic locations, we provide custom services tailor made for you in the following areas: Flaking and Pastilling, Rail Car Transfer, Drum/Tote/SuperSack Packaging, Bulk Storage, Warehousing and the Transportation necessary to move your product when and where you require. Click on these images for a detailed explanation of each service.

    Customers consider ChemPak a one-of-a-kind company, uniquely structured to tailor to the special needs of each customer.

    It is our hope that when you are evaluating toll processing, chemical packaging, product distribution, warehousing, transportation, bulk and rail terminal service, you will consider ChemPak and KL ChemPak.

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    Rail Transfer
    Drum/Tote Packaging
    Bulk Storage